Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Range Impact is a public company (OTC: RNGE) dedicated to improving the health and wellness of people and the planet through a novel and innovative approach to impact investing. Range Impact owns and operates several complementary operating businesses focused on developing long-term solutions to environmental, social, and health challenges, with a particular focus on acquiring, reclaiming and repurposing mine sites and other undervalued land in economically disadvantaged communities throughout Appalachia. Range Impact takes an opportunistic approach to impact investing by leveraging its competitive advantages and looking at solving old problems in new ways. Range Impact seeks to thoughtfully allocate its capital into strategic opportunities that are expected to make a positive impact on the people-planet ecosystem and generate strong investment returns for its shareholders.


Mine Reclamation and Water Treatment

Range Reclaim, through its two wholly owned operating businesses, Range Environmental Resources and Collins Building & Contracting, provides land reclamation, water restoration and environmental consulting services to mining and non-mining companies throughout Appalachia.


Mine Reclamation and Incidental Mining

Range Minerals, through its wholly owned operating business, Range Natural Resources, provides land reclamation and incidental mining services to mining companies throughout Appalachia.


Mine Security, Safety and Compliance

Range Security, through its wholly owned operating business, Range Security Resources, provides eco-friendly, technology-driven security services to active and former mine sites in Appalachia.


Mine Water Testing and Treatment Innovations

Range Water, through its wholly owned operating business, Terra Preta, is a biochar product development business focused on innovative water treatment and agricultural solutions.


Mine Land Ownership and Repurposing

Range Land, through its wholly owned operating business, CLV Azurite Land, is a land acquisition company focused on acquiring former mine lands with the goal of reclaiming and repurposing the sites for non-fossil fuel uses, including commercial, industrial, and recreational developments.